April 2016 Goals

What is the main reason that people seem to fail at their New Years resolutions? Some may fail due to their lack of motivation while others fail due to lack of time and/or resources.  Whatever the reason, I believe that this problem could be solved by tracking your goals every single month (or even week) to see if you are measuring up accordingly. I discovered recently that I am definitely not on track of any of my goals, so I decided to break my goals down piece by piece and publically display them online as an extra push of motivation. I have listed my yearly goals adjacent to my monthly goals and at the end of the month. As you can probably tell from this list, this is #getyourlife year for me. As am transitioning to this new chapter of my life as a college graduate, I am constantly on working on ways to improve myself to be the best future me that I could be. 

Upload 12 Blog Posts

Since I'm new to blogging I find it a little difficult to post new content regularly and I definitely need to get on top of it and take this a little more seriously.  I know this partially has to do with fear of shamelessly putting myself out there on the internet, but it is also because I am quite lazy these days. 

Eat clean (for the most part) and exercise at least four days per week

I have been slim for as long as I can remember; however, I have been trying to get that six pack for even longer! I understand that abs are made in the kitchen, so I am trying to do better with my diet by eating cleaner.  I downloaded the Pact app a few months ago and it gives me the motivation I need to start eating better and working out and score some extra cash in the meantime! The app allows you to make a food pact, gym pact, or a food logging pact. If you fulfill the requirements of your pact, you get a couple bucks. If you do not fulfill the requirements, you have to pay a minimum of $5 per food, workout, or food log.  So far I have earned around $25. It won't make you rich, but it does help you stay motivated. 

Make at least $300 in side hustles

Now this one is going to be tough for me. I generally make around $200 in side hustles per month but as graduation creeps sooner, I have more financial obligations to fulfill.  I have added InboxDollars and GiftHulk to my long list of websites from my Spring Break post, so hopefully I get some luck. 

Relax. Read. Pray. Repeat 

I have been extremely stressed these past few months to the point where I'm absolutely hopeless.  This month I want to deal with my stress better as well as strengthen my relationship with God.  I feel that I can do that best by praying and reading the Bible more often. 

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