Valentine's Day Gifts He Won't Forget

It's already February!! Wow! Where did the time go? Valentine's Day is right around the corner and you may be looking to get your special someone something to show your love for them on this special holiday.  Here's a quick and easy guide to get some <cheap> ideas on what you should get that special man in you life.

Things to make

Framed Photo 

An easy gift to make, yet extremely personal. You could fill a picture frame with photos of you two of your favorite memories together.

DIY Bouquet

These bouquets are great ways to do something big and creative without breaking the bank.  They could be as grand or simple as you'd like. Figure out what kind of bouquet you want to make and get as creative as possible.  All you need is a jar or vase and some skewers, both of which you could buy at the dollar store. Then get some candy, lottery tickets, and whatever else you could think of and put it all together.

Coupon Booklet

This is a great idea for all budgets. Compose a list a little favors that your special guy could use. It could be anywhere from a nice back massage to a movie night. Last year for my boyfriend's birthday, I composed a coupon booklet for the five senses! Taste- dinner at the restaurant of his choice. Touch - a relaxing massage. Smell - an axe gift set. Sight and Hearing - movie night. All you have to do is list all of your ideas and make a little booklet out of some paper! You could even recycle some paint color samples like the picture above.

Things to buy

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are definitely taking over these days and theres some out there for every type of guy there is.

For the comic loving man in your life, I recommend Lootcrate .  Lootcrate is a monthly subscription box made for gamers, geeks and fans of pop culture. In each crate, there is a guaranteed $45 worth of items, some of which are completely exclusive.  The best thing about this crate is that it only costs $19.95 including shipping and handling! For $3 off your first box, enter code SAVE3.

Birchbox Man is another great subscription box for the gentleman in your life.  This box features a range of top-shelf grooming samples along with one full-size product such as a gadget, bar tool, or stylish accessory. You can get all of this for $20/month. 

Netflix Subscription

Who doesn't like Netflix? This is a cool way to give give your guy a gift that keeps on giving. For about $7.99 a month

Shower Speaker

There's nothing like listening to music in the shower.  This wireless bluetooth waterproof speaker is a perfect yet simple gift for the love of your life.  It's compatible with almost all smartphone.  For only $16.89, you can get it here

Things to do

Groupon a New Hobby

There are tons of new and exciting local things to do on Groupon.  My boyfriend recently expressed his interest in glass-blowing, I looked on Groupon and there it was! I can't wait to go together in a few weeks. This is a good way to make memories and try something new together. You may even find a new hobby for literally half the price. 

Have a Game Night

Hosting a game date night is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner as opposed to just being beside of your partner. You know what I mean? Pull out the board games and the playing cards, order a pizza, and have some fun!

Have fun

I hope your guy loves whatever you decide to give him. As long as you give from the heart and put a little thought into it, I'm sure he will love it.

with love, 

Maya Lashae

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