Couple Traditions: Sunday Brunch

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Do you have any traditions with your soulmate? If is one thing that my boyfriend and I share, it's our love for food! We are always seeking out new eating spots around Atlanta.  Atlanta is so rich with culture and tradition; yet, there is something here for just about everybody.  We were in the Decatur/Little Five Points side of town and my boyfriend googled "shady restaurants." To my surprise, a restaurant called 'Illegal Food' in the Virginia Highlands came up and we decided to go for it!

The atmosphere here was similar to most restaurants in the area, vintage with a dash of hipster.  We were sat in between two fairly entertaining couples.  One of the things that I didn't like was that we were literally close enough to hear their conversations.  Nonetheless, we decided to stay and ordered our food. I opted for the Sunday Breakfast ($11) and Tayo went for a well done Patty Melt ($13).

This is where it started to go downhill.  As you can clearly see, the meat was not cooked well done.  I have to add that Tayo is very particular about the way he eats his food.  We told the waiter about the issue and he took it back to the kitchen. When he returned, one could easily tell that they just cooked the patty on the visible sides since the patty became increasingly more pink upon taking the first bite.  On the other hand, my food was absolutely amazing!! 

If you are a very picky eater, I don't think I would recommend this restaurant, but I'm happy that I got to try something different that the regular IHOP breakfast. Who knows what we'll get ourselves into next week. 

with love, 

Maya Lashae 

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